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Pre-Treatment (Hello Beauties! Just instructions to follow before your eyebrow treatment)

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

-24 hours prior to procedure, Please avoid drinking alcohol, coffee, energy drinks, caffeinated teas or herbs to help minimize any oozing/bleeding or swelling that may occur after the procedure.

-Please do not work out the day of the procedure.

-3 days before your procedure, please avoid taking Aspirin, Fish Oil, Niacin, Vitamin E and/or Ibuprofen or blood thinners, unless medically necessary. Tylenol is fine.

-Avoid heavy sunlight, especially sunburn, three days before your procedure.

-No waxing, threading, or tinting within one week of your appointment.

-2 to 3 weeks before procedure, do not have any chemical peels, microdermabrasions, mesotherapy, botox, fillers, or any other intense treatments which will cause faster skin cell rejuvenating and cause skin irritation.

-You must be off Accutane or any prescribed acne medications for 1 year.

-You must be off Retin-A or Retinols 10 days prior to appointment.

-DO NOT USE growth enhancement products (such as Latisse, Revitabrow, Grande lash) one month prior.

-Please do not hesitate to contact me at +1 (844) 934-3399 if you have any questions about your pre treatment instructions.

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