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Microblading/Microshading is a semi permanent tattoo technique in which pigment is placed underneath the skin of the brow. Microblading uses a small device to create short natural hair like strokes, while microshading aka ombre brow uses a a PMU machine to create pin-point like dots that fill up your brow, thereby creating the illusion of fuller brows. Whether you want a simple natural look or fuller ombre brows, we can create those perfect eyebrows for you. This is the right hassle-free solution to spending hours shaping your eyebrows when you can just have perfectly shaped eyebrows 24/7. Book your session Today

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Lash Extensions

Looking for voluminous, something bold and beautiful? Whether you want to simply enhance your natural beauty or capture a different side of yourself, we can make it happen. We offer classic, volume or hybrid lashes to satisfy your needs. Book an appointment today to get your unique look that matches your style

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Lip Blush

Right now is the perfect time for a beauty makeover. Lip blush is a type of semi permanent cosmetic tattoo in which pigments are deposited in your lips using tiny needles which will alter the color and shape, leaving you with fuller and younger looking lips. Hence no need for a more expensive botox procedure. After a session with me, you will leave feeling better, renewed, and even more attractive

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Eyebrow Henna

Not ready to make a commitment with microblading or microshading? You could still get a natural perfect shaped brow with eyebrow henna. Henna Brows will add color to your brows and make them have a fuller look. It is a natural plant base alternative to the traditional eye brow coloring which also keeps your brows healthy while staying hydrated. Schedule your session today

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